Release Notes


1- Shots auto download: in the preferences now you can define a folder in your PC where auto download the shots that you take with the app, also the Planned Shots!
2- LV Zoom KP fix: KP, like the K-70, has a bug with the Pentax LV zoom implementation, I made a dedicated version of this function to have a working zoom also with the KP
3- Advices on how speed up pictures download: there were some findings about how to speed up the pictures download using the WiFi connection with the camera.
4- BugFixes


1- Planned Shots: with this function you can set every shot parameter, also the AF point, and make a program of shots with an interval between each or specific date/time. Works in M / B timed / X modes.*
2- Live View enhancements: there will be a red square to indicate the focus point. If you use the LV zoom after the focus point selection you will have a zoom on the focus area.
3- Picture review enhancements: you can zoom also stored pictures.
4- LV Zoom K-70 bug: K-70 has a bug with Pentax LV zoom implementation, I made a dedicated version of this function to have a working zoom also with the K-70
5- Improved post-shot logic to speed up times
6- Improved "latest pictures taken" panels
7- In app Focus switch now reads from the in camera setting
8- Bugfixes

*About 1: you have to put the camera on M or B timed or X mode, then select the exposure values, filters, WB, size, etc and then press the new "shot" button with a calendar inside. Now in the Planned Shots tab you will find a new Program. In the same way you can add shots with different parameters. If you want to edit a shot you can select it and press the edit button or double click the row in a white cell. To define a delay between the shots or a specific date you have to double click the green cells. When you set the shot parameters you can also define a specific focus area, to do this you have to enable the LiveView and click on that area of the image. Save or Edit with the new "shot" button with the calendar inside. In the Planned Shots tab you can create new Programs, move up/down shots inside the programs, export and import your Programs.... etc...
Tutorial now available on YouTube


PLEASE, FIRST UNINSTALL PREVIOUS VERSIONS. I changed the installer to solve the problems that many users have encountered during the installation phase.


New Live View Rotate function to support portrait orientation. Some bugfixes. Ads removed from the website because are useless and the people may wrongly think that I'm making money thanks to them, only way to support this app is and will be the donations.


Removed the AutoUpdate system, now the app checks for new releases and notifies to the users. In Preferences is there an option to disable the new release check. Added an option to disable the message that asks to reload pictures. Tablet mode improvements. Some bugfixes.


First autoupdate version.


Added connection check and auto update system for the app, be sure to have at least this version!


First public release


PentaxForums releases to test and debug

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